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What iHear Hearing Aid Users are Saying:

"I am so used to the iHEARHD being in my ear now, I forget it's there. I noticed real improvement hearing people who are NOT facing me, I realize that I was doing a lot of lip reading before."
Thomas D.
Newark, Delaware
"I have been wearing hearing aids all my adult life. With the iHEARMAX, I have been able to fine tune in very close to my needs. I will say that with my extremely poor hearing, I am able to use these quite well. All in all, I am very satisfied. This is a solid product."
Glenn F.
Raleigh, North Carolina
"These are very nice hearing aids, comfortable and easy to work with. And the customer service folks at iHear Medical are awesome! Helpful, friendly, and courteous, very patient with all my questions. Yes, I would recommend iHear Medical to my friends. In fact, I already have."
Myra D.
Gainesville, Floria
"I have used hearing aids in the past and have not liked their performance or fit. The iHEARMAX so far is the best performing hearing aid I have used. Setting up and programming was a breeze. Hearing is wonderful. Love the fit. Love my new aids!!"
David P.
Charlottesville, Virginia
"I have not heard this good in 10-15 years. I spent $8,000 dollars on my previous hearing aids, and these by far are better. My work stress has been reduced by 90%. "
Jeff B.
Santa Fe, New Mexico

"The iHear device is up and running! Took my husband to the movies for the first time in ages yesterday. He watched the whole movie without asking me - what did they say?"
Sandy K.
Cibolo, Texas

"Kudos to iHear – from the easy set up, clear instructions and great quality sound — I couldn’t be happier!"
Richard P.
Austin, Texas

"I used them as they came out of the box - Absolutely marvelous! After taking the time to do the on-line testing and adjustment, I am happy to report an enjoyable all-around hearing experience. One pleased customer here, I have already and will continue to recommend iHear to others."
Rick H.
Lacey, Washington

"I could hear the radio across the room. My boss was so impressed that I could hear better now than with my old hearing aids - They have surpassed my expectations!"
Steve M.
Sacramento, California

"Very comfortable, easy to use, and changing the batteries is quick and simple. I can hear 100% better than before - I fully appreciate how this significantly improved my quality of life."
Ethel. R.
Oakland, CA

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