Introducing EarPing™ - remote hearing aid programming by iHEAR professionals - now available to help you optimize hearing aid settings from the convenience of your home



Invisible behind-the-ear design for mild to severe hearing loss, customize settings yourself at home in minutes


The world’s first invisible in-the-ear hearing aid that you can personalize settings at home


Test your hearing yourself with the only FDA-cleared home hearing test kit

What iHear Users are Saying:

"Kudos to iHear – from the easy set up, clear instructions and great quality sound — I couldn’t be happier!"
Richard P.
Austin, Texas
"I used them as they came out of the box - Absolutely marvelous! After taking the time to do the on-line testing and adjustment, I am happy to report an enjoyable all-around hearing experience. One pleased customer here, I have already and will continue to recommend iHear to others."
Rick H.
Lacey, Washington
"I could hear the radio across the room. My boss was so impressed that I could hear better now than with my old hearing aids - They have surpassed my expectations!"
Steve M.
Sacramento, California
"The iHear device is up and running! Took my husband to the movies for the first time in ages yesterday. He watched the whole movie without asking me - what did they say?"
Sandy K.
Cibolo, Texas