If your hearing was tested and you know that you have hearing loss, you may order the iHEARHD, iHEARMAX, or Eva. The iHEARHD treats mild to moderate hearing loss and the iHEARMAX and Eva treat mild to severe hearing loss. If you'd like one of our Certified Hearing Professionals to recommend an iHEAR device for your individual hearing loss, please email a copy of your audiogram (hearing test) to support@ihearmedical.com or fax it to (510) 686-8560. Be sure to include that you'd like a device recommendation as well as your contact information.

If you have doubts about your hearing ability, you can take our online questionnaire or Contact customer Support at 1 (844) iHEAR-44, or 1 (844) 443 2744. For a more accurate hearing testing, you can order our Home Hearing Test Kit (iHearTest) for $69.

VIP Care Packages