A great book. A fine bottle of wine. A new golf club. These are all great Cyber Monday gift ideas you typically think of for the people you love.

But have you ever thought of giving the gift of hearing for the holidays? You probably know at least one person who could really use it.

iHEAR has four great ideas for Cyber Monday or a White Christmas that can make a real difference for someone who has trouble hearing. Each of these gifts can help a loved one be a part of the holiday gatherings.

First, the iHEARtest™ is the only FDA-cleared Home Hearing Screener that lets you or your loved one determine their “Hearing Number™” from the comfort and privacy of their home. If you’re missing parts of conversations or asking someone to repeat what they say, the iHEARtest, which is clinically proven to accurately profile your hearing ability, will help you determine your Hearing Number on a 1 to 5 scale (with 1 being profound impairment and 5 being no impairment) and actually recommend hearing aid use. It’s available for only $69 MSRP from the iHEAR website or retailers nationwide like Amazon.

Second, the TReO™ by iHEAR® is a unique 3-in-1 Hearing Amplifier that amplifies sound, clarifies speech and suppresses noise. The TReO is not a hearing aid; instead, it’s a Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP) that accentuates natural sound in specific listening environments. The TReO is a great holiday gift from iHEAR—for $299 MSRP per ear. It’s available in left and right ear versions.

Third, the iHEARmax™ is an affordable hearing aid that’s discreet, powerful and fits comfortably behind your ear. This hearing aid offers advanced noise suppression and 100% digital processing. Plus, it can be programmed using your iHEARtest Hearing Number to give you personalized and customized hearing for each ear. iHEARmax is available for $499 per ear.

And fourth, the Eva™ hearing aid is designed specifically for a woman’s ear. Women do hear differently than men and they have smaller ear canals. That’s why the Eva has a smaller, sleeker design to fit comfortably inside a woman’s ear. The Eva can also be personalized to your iHEARtest Hearing Number. The Eva is available for $499 per ear.

With four Cyber Monday gifts from iHEAR, you can give a loved one something that can make their holidays brighter and even more meaningful.

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