Adapting to a new hearing device often takes one month and can be challenging, with results varying for each person. Once you adapt, you should notice significant improvement in your hearing ability:

  • Your ability to hear and understand others should be improved
  • Hearing and communicating in quiet environments should noticeably be improved
  • Hearing in noisy environments should also be improved, but expect some challenges (as we all find these settings challenging).
  • You should adjust to your own voice, but it should not continue to be annoying.
  • The intensity and quality of sounds should be sharper, brighter and clearer — but not irritating.
  • Wearing hearing devices in both ears should improve your hearing ability, help you identify the location of each sound, and improve speech perception in noisy conditions. (Our brains are designed to use both ears, not one. If you have a hearing loss in both ears, you really should be using a pair of hearing devices.)
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