When you first begin wearing your hearing device, your own voice may sound different. This is because hearing devices also amplify your own voice. Some have compared the sensation of hearing their own voice through their hearing device to hearing a recording of themselves.  Remember, while a hearing device is optimized for speech, it will amplify all sounds in that range, and that includes your own voice. The hearing device may occlude or plug your ear canal which can also make your voice sound different. This is known as the “occlusion effect”- sounding like you’re in a barrel- and it takes few days to adjust. If your own voice continues to sound funny - you may try a different ear tip. An assortment of ear tips is included in your hearing device kit. Our Customer Support is familiar with the “occlusion effect” and can assist you to mitigate it: 1 (844) 443-2744 or support@ihearmedical.com.

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