iHear is a California startup offering advanced hearing technology enabling disruptive business models. Our invisible web-enabled hearing device offers hearing solutions at a fraction of the cost to fulfill the unmet needs of the hearing impaired worldwide.

Our Culture is all about the people we serve and employ. We hire and work with people who are smart, energetic and dedicated to implementing the high standards, goals and values of the organization.

Our Values

1) We believe in affordable hearing solutions as a human right...
We strive to reduce the cost of advanced hearing technology to make it affordable and accessible to everyone.

2) Safety is our top priority . . .
The safety of our customers and stakeholders is our top concern. We design and test our products according to rigorous standards, to deliver safe and effective solutions for our customers.

3) We innovate in everything we do . . .
We strive for innovations in design,manufacturing and distribution of our products. We challenge conventional practices to deliver affordable, quality hearing solutions.

4) We do what we say we’ll do. . .
We are steadfast in our resolve to deliver on our commitments. We are focused, yet remain highly flexible in our approach to meet our goals and objectives.

5) We strive for excellence in everything we do . . .
We endeavor to constantly improve our products and processes to deliver the highest quality solutions.

6) We face challenges with optimism —we are solution oriented!
We strive to overcome challenges by focusing on solutions. We face challenges with confidence in our expertise and abilities.

7) We serve and respect our customers, stakeholders and colleagues . . .
Treating our customers with respect is our highest priority. We form strong relationships with our employees and stakeholders to deliver a superior customer experience.

8) We believe in resource efficiency . . .
We are committed to being efficient and value the trust our customers and investors have placed in us. We reduce waste by being eco-friendly and resource efficient.

9) We encourage diversity of ideas while marching towards common goals . . .
We leverage the diversity of our individual talents and encourage everyone to contribute to deliver superior products and services to our customers.

10) We are open in our communications but recognize the need for strict confidentiality . . .
We encourage open communications across the organization, and with our customers and stakeholders, while protecting confidential information.


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