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by Jim C on iHEARHD

Not a paid review. I had trouble finding a good review before I purchased these so I'd like provide this for others considering.

BLUF: Overall I'm happy with the units. Had some QC issues but I was able to resolve for the most part. Great Value.

*Work really well. Exceeded my expectation for performance and makes for a great value. Works well for me in crowded environments, which was a surprise considering the cheap cost.
*Self Programmable. You buy the hearing test software and programming kit (cheap) and you can program them yourself.
*Magnetic Disk to change modes is quicker and simpler than more complex blue tooth or RF controllers.'
*Very light and comfortable for a CIC device
*Black color hides the unit well within the ear canal.
*Super nice and responsive US based tech support when you call voice. Not fast responses on email though.
*Battery Consumption is as advertised. I'm getting 3-4 days with 1/2 day of use per battery.
*shipment well packaged, nothing missing.
*includes multiple silicone plugs for self fitting.

*Proprietary Battery Modules - These are very reasonably priced, but you still have to get them from the MFG or vendor who carries units, you won't find the batteries at CVS.
*No quick start guide. You kind of have to figure out where to start (i.e. hearing test first? Power up unit first? DL software first?)
*Physical connection of Silicon plugs Flakey - See below.

Issues I have experienced so far:
1. Upon receiving the VIP package, the USB ear test/programming cable had not been registered to in the iHear system. I had to call Tech Support and have them "register them". I consider this a QC issue. They should have caught that before shipping.
2. The left ear module arrived Dead. Had to return it, tech support did a quick turn around and got me a new unit in about 3 business days. Again another QC issue in my opinion.
3. Design Flaw on the way the silicon tips attach to the units. There are only 2 lightly protruding plastic tabs which hold the ear silicone tips on the units. I have had these pop off 2x's now when removing the units and the result was the silicone tip got stuck deep inside my ear canal, requiring tweezers to remove them. I do consider this a safety issue which they need to resolve in updated designs. If you don't have good dexterity and feel uncomfortable fishing stuff out of your ear canal I would avoid these until they fix the design. I found that some of the provided tips don't "snap" was tightly or as well as others which seem to attach more loosely. Again another QC issue.

by Tom on iHEARHD

I wrote to the iHear Medical company about the huge response I received
when I offered my white paper about my search and subsequent purchase of
an in-the-ear hearing amplification device. They wrote back thanking me
and offering anyone who purchases a device 10% off their original
purchase. No I don't get anything for it.

If you decide to purchase a hearing aid from iHear Medical and use the code:
WELCOME10 (the word welcome and the number 10) you will get 10% off.
I'd suggest you place your order by phone to make sure you understand
everything. They are very helpful and answer all your questions. You
can still use the code with a person on the phone.

So that's $40 off on a hearing aid priced at $400. No good for me since
it is not retroactive. Drat!!!

I am so used to it being in my right ear, I now forget it's there. You
waste the battery if you fall asleep with it in, but I've done that.
And the day before yesterday, I took a shower and forgot it was in my
ear. I remembered just in the middle of washing my head (not much hair
there). Real quick I took it out and put it in a towel. Still working

I've pretty much stopped asking people to repeat what they said or to
speak up a bit. I have noticed that people in Citrus Park do speak
fairly loud since many people are hard of hearing. When you get out of
the park and return home you really notice a difference with normal
speaking people who do not, as a rule, speak loud. Younger people who
speak softly or grand kids can all be heard without thinking they are
mumbling. Where I really notice improvement is hearing people who are
NOT facing me so I can't see their lips. I hear them just fine and
realize that I was doing a lot of lip reading before or asking people to
turn around to speak to me. I never realized my shoestrings make noise
when I tie them, but they do.

The only other thing I have noticed is that certain TV stations do not
broadcast audio very well. I still have to turn the volume up on those
stations. Others I can keep the volume very low and hear just fine.
Sharon, who has much better hearing, also has to turn the volume up on
those stations. Just poor quality broadcasting since the speakers in my
TV are the same for any show we watch.

The only sound that I now hear, that bugs me, is the sound of the
keyboard as I type. Sometimes I take the hearing device out so there is
not so much clatter as I hit the keys.

The world has a lot more noise but that's just fine with me.

by T. Jones on iHEARHD

I am so used to the HD being in my ear now, I forget it's there. I noticed real improvement hearing people who are NOT facing me, I realize that I was doing a lot of lip reading before

by Helen W. on iHEARHD

iHear HD is a solid product, I love it. I have been wearing this device for three months, the quality of sounds is consistent. Since they are invisible, no one knows I am wearing hearing aids at my work. I feel very confident in the meetings and talking to people in many different settings nowadays because I can hear clearly and answer questions. This device changed my life personally and professionally.

by Matthew T on iHEARHD

Ihear HD - great value, easy to set up at home, and make changes to its settings. Very small, easy to forget its even in your ear - other than you can hear! I have moderate hearing loss (3 on the Ihear test) - My ear doctor says I can hear right at normal conversational tones, and did not recommend a device. I was there because my wife was exhausted with my "whats?". I guess she talks slightly lower than that! And the TV volume, and not following conversations when we are out, and not know what the waitress asked...It was time to do something. This is my first hearing aid, so I can not compare it to others, but I could not emagine what else you would need a hearing aid to do. It did take me a few adjustments to get it just right. First, I had too small of the tip on it, so I had occasional feedback. I wore it like that for a bit more than a week, and my ear canal (or just my brain) adjusted, and I was able to fit the next bigger size. That resolved that.

Next, with my "3" on the hearing test, I am at near max on the volume. I had to tweak it a bit, so that it did not feedback, but was still loud enough. Very quick and easy to do. I use mine more than the "documents" suggest for battery life - like when I get up, until I go to bed (my wife talks to me in that range, so I want to hear her!). The high volume, and longer wear times, I am using a battery every 6 days, so a "month's supply" is 18 days for me. I wore it at Disney, am guessing the noise canceling was working overtime, and that battery did not make it 3 full days. The batteries are not expensive, just noting that I use about double what the documentation says.

by Marion P on iHEARHD

They are wonderful. I could not afford hearing aids and could not hear Church services or much of anything else for that matter. I've had years of sinus infections that have resulted in debilitating hearing loss. The sound is so natural. I've actually been hearing so many things that I didn't remember. The service at ihear has been amazing. My son found this company and gave me the hearing aids as a gift. The best gift i think ive ever received, other than my children. Marion Phillips

by Jerry A on iHEARHD

I came across the IHEAR website and was interested in the product. Being a little skeptical of the price vs. quality, i did some in depth research. After 2 weeks of reading everything I could find I decided to give them a try. I figured with the 30 day return policy it was worth trying them out. I also ordered the programming kit. When they arrived I hooked them up and started the programming process, which is very easy to do. I did reprogram them 3 times, but the subsequent times were only for fine tuning. In short, I would recommend these to anyone. The quality is excellent and it is a great value. All things eventually wear out, when that happens I will absolutely reorder another set. A very satisfied customer!!

by Howard H. on iHEARHD

I admit, I was sceptical at first basically because of the price. But WOW! Really happy and glad I found them. Easy to put in and take out, programming is a piece of cake. Put my Starkey's and America Hears aids to shame. Still need to do a little tweaking but I am happy! Andrew in support has been extremely helpful and is a pleasure to deal with. If anything changes, I'll be back to update the review but right now I'm a happy camper. Oh, and the FDA approved hearing test was a snap too. Thanks again IHEAR for making affordable hearing aids! - Howie

by Etkin B. on iHEARHD

I have used 2 other brands before I started using Ihear. They both were the most expensive and high-tech aids. I used one of them for 2 yrs with yearly renewal and the other Star for almost a year. One cost 4k/yr and the other 6k. Each brand has advantages and superiority against one another. Ihear has each and every superior future of the other 2 brand. Such as natural sound, easy to place, easy to replace, better hearing anywhere. Ihear eliminates the defects of other 2 brands, such as uncomfort, not reliabliaty, cost..... This is a very personal issue, it is important to feel happy with the aid for a user. To my experience Ihear is great and it is way ahead of others. It works.

by Anthony M. on iHEARHD

It took some time to find the right adjustments but after 5 months I could not be happier with the results. I have severe hearing loss in both ears from my career as a professional firefighter and have been told that in the ear devices would not work for my condition. My ihearhd exceeds my expectations but not without plenty of trial and error. With good customer care and patience I feel most individuals would benefit from this product. I've been using them since January.

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