Leading the Hearing Solutions Category

We have an exceptional history of innovation in bringing new hearing products to market. In fact, our team holds over 20 patents for hearing electronics and medical devices.

Now, your stores can feature two iHEAR products (3 SKUs) in the emerging new category of hearing solutions.

What’s Your Hearing Number?TM

iHeartest™ iHeartest™ Logo
The only FDA-Cleared Home Hearing Screener
Only $69 MSRP
  • Allows consumers to quickly and accurately determine their “Hearing NumberTM“ from the comfort of their homes.
  • Clinically-proven to accurately profile hearing ability and potential hearing aid use as described in World Health Organization guidelines.
  • Check your hearing accurately and quickly.
  • Soon your customers will be asking: “What’s my hearing number?TM

Hear How You Want To Hear.TM

TReO™ by iHEAR TReO™ by iHEAR Logo
3-in-1 Hearing Amplifier
Only $299 MSRP per ear
  • 1) Amplify Sounds Selectively
    2) Clarify Speech
    3) Suppress Noise
  • Discreet behind-the-ear design.
  • 4 sound profiles plus volume control.
  • TReO™ by iHEAR® Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP).
  • Available in both left and right ear versions.

We have the exceptional hearing products you want and the support you need to set up the new hearing solutions category in your stores.

Be the leader in your community pharmacy in introducing the FDA-Cleared iHEARtest™ and 100% digital TReO™ by iHEAR®.

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