It’s that time of the year to ask “what are you thankful for?” Your whole family is getting together for Thanksgiving, then again the next day for leftovers.

Everyone will be so happy to see each other. Hug each other. And talk about old times.

You should be thankful for being able to hear all of the joyous sounds of the holidays.

Like the laughter of the grandkids or that old corny joke you’ve heard Dad tell just about every year, though he still chuckles like it’s the first time he’s told it.

Or you might be looking forward to the big football game everyone will watch before dinner.

Or just wait until Aunt Jill leaves the room, then share her secret ingredients for what makes those mashed potatoes so extra delicious.

Whatever you’re thankful for, add the ability to hear well to the list.

Unfortunately, many people, especially as they get older, have hearing loss. Untreated hearing loss can leave people with feelings of sadness, depression, and isolation in group conversations, especially during the holidays.

Other people may report that their family members may feel anger at having to repeat what they say, again and again. Or that their whole family complains that the TV or radio volume is much too loud for their ears, while the person with hearing loss is struggling with trying to hear their favorite program, movie, music or news station.

Hearing loss is frustrating, but talk to them anyway.
According to an article from AARP, it’s important to include people with hearing loss in the conversation. And that is doubly important during the holidays around your house.

People with hearing loss want to talk to you, even though they may only hear half of the conversation. But half is better than zero when it comes to sharing quality time with your loved ones. For them, isolation can lead to depression and even cognitive decline. So even if it’s a bit depressing or difficult, pull your loved one with hearing loss aside and talk to them, one-to-one, in a quiet place. You’ll both appreciate that experience.

Consider iHEAR® for the Holidays.

To assist your loved ones, iHEAR can help them to hear holiday conversations with the iHEARtest™, an easy-to-use home hearing screener, and with affordable, high quality hearing aids.

What a gift for the holidays!

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